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The CASA Manila Way

                                                                                                                                   Hand to Mouth Communal Dining

                                                                          Since 2012, CASA manila has been honouring the Kamayan tradition. Ours is not a "Boodle Fight".
                                                                      Throughout the years, we have developed not only a delicious but an enjoyable way of Kamayan dining.
                                                                                    We maintain the sanitary aspect of your food by portioning your share directly in front of you.
                                                                                                                                        Nobody touches your food.







We are the first Filipino restaurant to be featured on

Food Network Canada "You Gotta Eat Here!"

Watch the full episode here (Canada Only)



A Message from the President & Creative Director

 My hope is to amplify “what is Filipino” and celebrate the unique diversity of regional and cultural influences found in our food, décor, lifestyle, hospitality and people. Authentic Filipino cuisine cooked the classical way is a blending of cooking methods and ingredients from Spain, China, America, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Asia found in our many recipes, while remaining unmistakably Filipino.

Preserving and promoting our culinary tradition is important to me and is expressed in CASA manila's signature recipes, family style dining, and especially in our communal Kamayan hand to mouth feasting. Our restaurant decor depicts the eclectic feel of the Philippine Islands from the tropical vibe to the colonial influences so you experience the "Pearl of the Orient"
right in the heart of GTA

My culinary philosophy is called “Nature to Nurture”. Simply put, the least we tamper with Mother Nature’s goodness, the more our food will nurture our bodies. We limit the use of MSG, salt, artificial 
flavoured powders, processed ingredients, and oil. We take other labour intensive steps to make our dishes cleaner and healthier, without compromising the rich, full body of authentic, home-style cooking. We have brought Filipino cuisine into the 21st century by offering vegetarian and gluten free options. We welcome and accommodate those with food allergy sensitivities.

CASA manila embodies the Mabuhay Spirit which means “Welcome and long live!".
We look forward to welcoming you to be our guests.


Mila Nabor Cuachon

C.E.O. & Creative Director
CASA manila.Inc



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5 of 5 Stars
We held our parents wedding anniversary luncheon at Casa Manila, and Mila took care of our party’s every need. She anticipated our crowds’ needs, gave helpful suggestions to everyone’s tastes, while making our event an unforgettable one. And the food? Phenomenal! Plentiful, without sacrificing quality. Filipino food can sometimes be heavy and overly processed. Not here. Flavourful, with loads of fresh options, there was plenty of choice for all. We will definitely be back!
Pia Wilson

5 of 5 Stars
CASA Manila has the best Crispy Pata in Toronto: crispy skin, tasty meat and lean. Beyond the good food, my family and I enjoy the Intramuros ambiance and the creativity that the restaurant's owner Mila infuses the place with.
Emmanuel Lim

5 of 5 Stars
Warm welcoming attention from personnel, colorful decor, delicious authentic home-made food.
Tanya Zolota

5 of 5 Stars
Excellent service and very friendly. Great food and lots of choice. I willl go back.
Tom Kennedy

5 of 5 Stars
I am disgusted by the ignorance and foolishness of people who have no idea what it takes to cook a good meal, or how it is properly cooked. I've been to numerous filipino restaurants and this is by far the best that ever served me a plate of food. The rice is ALWAYS properly cooked the right way rice is supposed to be cooked, and the meat is fresh, tasty, and well spiced. Every time I eat it reminds me of being back in pampanga. I have been to this restaurant nearly a dozen times now and plan to continue coming for the excellent service, great food, and proper filipino atmosphere.
Ryan Furlong

5 of 5 Stars
I have no idea how this place only has a 3 star rating!! I've dined at this restaurant a handful of times (twice for kamayan) and each visit has been fantastic. Food and service have been equally delicious and I particularly enjoy their Kare-kare. My husband, Rae, and I were very appreciative of the owners hands-on approach as well. She visited every table, talked to each guest, and did not hesitate to get her hands dirty, picking up dishes along the way. Certainly won't be the last time we visit. Looking forward to trying the Sunday breakfast buffet!
Yelp Ibee J.
Apr 28, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
After hearing so much about this restaurant I finally went! This was my first time going to CASA Manila, and my experience was great! It's a cute and cozy little place, great for families. I went with my family and they were very understanding and accommodating to our requests. The food was delicious and definitely authentic Filipino cuisine.
Mila and Zalde are the owners, and they are amazing!! They are nothing but professional and absolutely friendly. They take the time to come around to each table and chat and get to know their customers, which I find admirable seeing as how most owners do not take the time to do that.
The decor really tries to show you what it is like in the Philippines and they have done a great job to make it as comfortable as possible. Every detail in their decor is so beautiful and makes you feel at home from the moment you walk in the doors.
I would definitely recommend this place to anybody who is looking for some authentic Filipino dishes.
Yelp Selina C.
Apr 27, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
This was the best dining experience I've ever had!
Hailing from somewhere else in the far reaches in the GTA, I took the journey here with my friends. I like filipino food but I've never really experienced something as amazing as this.
The owner is so friendly, informative, and provided such a great one-on-one service. The company I had with me were so impressed and we kept raving about this place during and after the meal. From the get go, as soon as we walked in, we were blown away by the beautiful decor and atmosphere. We were treated like old friends and we were blown away.
We had the traditional Kamayan meal, or as I would like to call it...A FEAST! Banana leaves were set up on the table. Already, I was taken aback by the delicious and familiar smell of banana leaves. It reminded me deeply of home. As the meal progressed, the owner explained each dish in great detail. They banged on a drum as they presented the huge platter (?) of food! We even got a demo of how to eat the food because we had to everything with our hands. Which was awesome!
The soup brought out at the beginning was flavourful and nutritious. The deep fried chicken skin appetizers were to die for. I swear I could have eaten 20 of these things. From what I remember, Kamayan consisted of garlic shrimp, lechon (sic?) - crispy skin pork, shortribs, ginger and coconut infused butternut squash and green beans. Sitting over a bed of (unlimited!) perfectly cooked rice.
Everything was so flavourful and delicious. The sauces that accompanied the dishes were so complimentary and made everything. Especially the pickled vegetable slaw! Oh my lord, I was so full and happy.
I would definitely take the trek to come back here again, with an even emptier stomach so I can finish the delicious dessert - halo halo!
Oh, and the most delicious drink I've ever had - COCONUT DREAM! No other milkshake can compare to this beauty. One of my friends had 4 of these.
Yelp Kimmy N.
Apr 25, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Amazing food, great service overall one of the best places I've been too
Facebook Lindsay MacDonald
Apr 24, 2017

4 of 5 Stars
“Consistent, delicious, and good service!”
I've been to this restaurant twice now for dinner and both experiences have been great!
Food is always delicious and portion sizes are very good. They are mostly family style sharing plates, and it indicates on the menu the number of people one order is meant to feed. On my recent visit, my friend and I ordered garlic rice, spare ribs and adobo chicken. All were meant to for 2 to 3 persons. We had indulged and still had leftovers.
Service is very nice. There's a family feel amongst their staff, and all are very caring.
The overall seating is comfortable and clean. Not sure if it's entirely accessible though.
Free parking is just outside the restaurant. Both times I visited were week nights, and I was able to get parking right in front. There's also parking in the back of the tiny plaza as well.
It's located in a very nice area for meeting up with friends and family, centrally located and you are short walk/drive from additional stops (shops/bars/dessert) if you are looking to have multiple stops with your friends that night.
TripAdvisor Sabrina Y
Apr 20, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
This place was amazing. Filipino food for the most part is a newer venture into international cuisine for me.
We were a group of 5 and had ordered a number of items on the menu:
Sinangag na Kayumangging Kanin
Tinuhog Inasal Manok (Extra Spicy)
Sizzling Beef Salpicado Hot Plate
Crunchy Pork Sisig Hot Plate
Crispy Pata
Inihaw Pusit
I can't speak for the last 3 items of what we ordered, but the overall rating from our group was definitely a 10/10.
I enjoyed the Garlic Fried Rice, with the Grilled Lemongrass Skewers, and Sizzling Beef Salpicado. The two meat dishes I tried were spicy - I asked for the Skewers to be extra spicy (it has a Piri Piri taste to it).
Service was very fast and friendly. Overall ambience was relaxing and the company I was with said it had a reminiscent feeling to it.
Would definitely recommend this place to anyone - it's got a wide variety of options so everyone can enjoy. We will be back!
Yelp Angelica D.
Apr 19, 2017

4 of 5 Stars

Last night the food was bang-on finally! We had the sisig with garlic rice & kare-kare, it was super delicious. Casa Manila food has finally "arrived" after it was featured at the Food network 2 years ago, with a more steady patronage the food has not only improved, but even the choices have also improved. Keep it up Casa Manila, yey!
Yelp Regina B.
Apr 17, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Thank you Ms. Mila and staff for the warm welcome! We travelled all the way from MI to have a taste of your delicious food and assorted desserts! Definitely worth the money, so much food to choose from! Thank you for the surprise greetings for my daughter! We'll definitely be back on our next trip!
Facebook Maria Galanto
Apr 16, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Loved it. The food was amazing and the staff are so friendly. Worth the drive from Barrie. We will be back.
Facebook Bob Penrose
Apr 10, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Really good food, fun atmosphere and great staff.
Google Rachel Ballarino
Apr 7, 2017

4 of 5 Stars
The service is good and the atmosphere is friendly and fun. Glad we chose a weeknight so we could eat and enjoy at leisure. Staff made us feel important and appreciated. Everyone in our party was pleaaed
Facebook Jacqueline Tai
Apr 6, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
This place is highly recomended. I love their food quality and it reflects on the filippino culture. Thank you for opening my horizons at your restaurant.
Facebook Gsigis Tui
Apr 4, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Fantastic food, amazing service. All 10 of us were very happy.
Facebook Erin Liu
Apr 2, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
it was the best move to bring the CEO of CAnadian Special event to this resto ... its the perfect place to showcase our culture ... Cultural Immersion it is ....
Facebook Jovito Laungayan Favila
Apr 2, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
We enjoyed the food at this restaurant. It was our first time eating Filipino food so every dish was a hit for us.
Google OfficialG Tui
Apr 1, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
One of the best Filipino Restaurant in Town... Come and see it and Taste it too...
Facebook Rodrigo Bong Repulleza
Mar 29, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Awesome food, awesome ambience and awesome staff.....a place where you can relax and eat more and more.
Facebook Chardz Loyola
Mar 28, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
There halohalo is amazing
Google Brenden Ng
Mar 25, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Absolutely amazing! Feels like family :D everything was more than perfect - Sisig, Lumpia, Adobo, Pancit, Sinangag - fresh, quick, and ridiculously delicious! Can't wait to come back! XD
Facebook Tamara Freethy
Mar 23, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
I am currently sitting in this restaurant like a stuffed lechon! Found you guys on TripAdvisor and it was one of the best decisions I have made, EVER!!
Staff treated us like a Lola would... Making sure we were fed very very well. The sisig is on point, the pork adobo was ridiculously juicy, and the mango bango cocktail was to die for!!
Thanks guys for bringing back memories of my Lolo and Lola !
Facebook Grace Villanueva
Mar 23, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Omg, BEST Filipino food I've had in such a loooooooong time. That's an understatement. BEST food I've had in a long time. Service and food were so amazing. Stop reading this review and just go here (no I don't work for this place, but would wash dishes IF they fed me)
Facebook Michael Freethy
Mar 23, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Casa Manila restaurant has awesome Filipino and Asian food. The ambience inside the restaurant is very relaxing and it feels like you're in the Philippines. I love all the decors. The people serving are very nice. Awesome place to bring your family.
Google Jocelyn Medina
Mar 18, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
My go-to place when I'm craving for tasty and sinful dishes like chicken skin sisig and pork hock!!! must try their brown sauce. Beef soup, Tomato Garlic beef stew and garlic steam rice are delicious too.
Most staff are friendly and funny, lovely place, will bring our friends.
Yelp Yang J.
Mar 18, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Food was great with proper partitions. The taste was really authentic
Facebook Rustum Narvaez
Mar 18, 2017

4 of 5 Stars
It became our regular destination if we want to be filled with good foods. Foods are really delicious!
Facebook Maria Rimando
Mar 1, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Pork sisig and Halohalo...thats all you need
Google TD
Feb 28, 2017

4 of 5 Stars
First time having Filipino food and I must say I like it! But you can get quickly out-of-shape if you're eating it on a daily basis :p Casa Manila is a popular Filipino restaurant that's serving all your traditional bites! 
The ambiance is beautiful, resembling the tropics of the country in addition if you're attentive to details, each fixture represent the cultural aspects of the country: some Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
Our group experience was extraordinary, the service is warm and welcoming and over all environment was clean and presentable.

For starters we had their traditional beef soup cooked in a delicious stock.....all leading up to the show stopper.
THE Kamayan dish was fantastic, squid, lechon pork, curry chicken, beef brisket, vegetables and rice. Portions are sufficient, presentation was superb, hell even the roaring drums as they bring the dish out.
Halo halo was a delight, colourful melody of ice cream, shaved ice, preserved fruits and jelly. It somewhat reminded me of the traditional Taiwanese shaved ice and ice cream desserts. Overall Casablanca Manila was a delightful experience and personable one. We had the opportunity to meet the owner who was so down to earth.
Yelp Phillip S.
Feb 27, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Great food staff & amazing food.
Google Robert Goetter
Feb 25, 2017

4 of 5 Stars
Great food. My Filipino friend swears by this place and I can see why.
Google Ashley Buxo
Feb 25, 2017

“Outstanding Phillipine Destination”
5 of 5 Stars
Yes there is parking. The restaurant is decorated with the 4 cultures of the Phillipines from Native to Spanish and the food reflects the country as one that is rich in cullinary tradition. Save room for Ice Cream you are in for an adventure in eating!
Trip Advisor travellingsinclairs
Feb 22, 2017

“Take out”
4 of 5 Stars
The service was great. They were crazy busy because it was family day but Mika still took the time to help me find something on the menu I could eat. Because of my gluten, soy and lactose allergy, it's always hard to find something. I had the lemongrass chicken and garlic rice. So good. Great service.
Trip Advisor Bailey C
Feb 21, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
Food is very good! loved it and staff is friendly!keep the good work!for sure I'll be back!
Facebook Wena Calongcalong
Feb 19, 2017

“I felt home!”
5 of 5 Stars
Location and Parking: Easy to find, 10-15 minutes away from downtown YYZ. We didn't have a hard time finding a parking, it was fairly accessible.

Service: I must say that I was very happy with their service. Originally wanted to try "Kamayan" (One of different ways filipino eat their meal) with my boyfriend, and when we looked at the menu we realized that Kamayan is only available for groups of 4 or more people. It didn't hurt to ask and luckily they are doing a Valentines day special for couples to try kamayan; now the only thing was it was only FEB 12 when we went there, but Tita (i am not sure what's her name) was very kind to us and allowed us to have an early Valentines Kamayan special. My boyfriend and I were so happy.
We ordered our drinks and it showed up after 5 minutes, then they asked us to switch location (for more private dining). Within 10 minutes, they set up the banana leaves on the table. The service was really quick and we didn't have to wait that long. Within another 5 minutes, we got our appetizers. It was amazing.

Quality of Food: Food came very hot, you can tell everything was fresh off the pan. The presentation was great, it was explained to us how we should eat it. It was very tasty. When I asked him what was his number one meal, he said he really liked pork sinigang and adobo. My boyfiriend also said this is the most exotic food he has ever tried. (he was very happy about it)

Pricing and etc: Our bill came up to about $100, but IT WAS WORTH IT.In the end we had so much to eat, and we were so full, also with the service they provided we didn't regret spending that money for two people. We were very happy and we felt very welcomed in the restaurant. It also came with Halo Halo dessert which was amazing.

I would definitely go back to Casa Manila (if I am in YYZ) and I recommend this place to anyone who likes to try Filipino cuisine.
Trip Advisor Abigail I
Feb 14, 2017

5 of 5 Stars
It was our first time at Casa Manila and we celebrated my son's first birthday. It's a little bit cramped inside but the decor is absolutely beautiful! We ordered the Salo Salo for our group which comes with salad, soup, sisig fries, spring rolls, 3 entrees and 2 desserts. It was absolutely worth it for the price we paid. $280 for 10 people. The food was absolutely amazing. I'm Filipino and it's probably the best Filipino restaurant I've ever had. Our favourite was the sisig. Leche flan was also really good. The owners also introduced themselves to us and made sure that we had a pleasant experience. Thank you Mila and husband for the wonderful service. We hope to come back again soon!
Google Erika Charmaine
February 2017


“80th Birthday Celebration ”
5 of 5 Stars
Casa Manila was the perfect venue for our Mom's 80th birthday celebration.

As we were a big party of 28, it was a challenge to satisfy everyone's dietary needs. We wanted something unique with delicious food and attentive service. Casa Manila provided all, from the moment I made the reservation to the last morsel of food eaten, everyone's appetite was satiated and thirst quenched. We had the kamayan for 28 people ( 3 of which were vegetarian). The food servers were professional and treated my Mom like a queen. I have not seen my Mom so happy and animated in a long time. I recommend Casa Manila for your next family event or any special occasion or just to simply enjoy an authentic Filipino dining experience. Thank you Casa Manila team for giving us an exceptional Kamayan experience.
Trip Advisor Shirley T.S.
January 2017

5 out 5 Stars
When you walk in you're greeted with vibrant and colourfully classic decor. From top to bottom, the walls and the doors are all beautifully decorated with art, sculpting, plants, and the works.We came for the kamayan, and I was a bit hesitant. I've had Filipino food before, but the experience here had completely blown them out of the water. The food was fresh, filling, so delicious, and reasonably priced.For the actual kamayan, it's a memorable experience. They play drums as they bring out this massive platter topped with rice, meat, and vegetables. You can choose what you want in your kamayan before hand. Ours had crispy pork belly, shrimp, chicken skewers, short ribs and mango salad. Everything was so delicious. The freshness of the mango salad and pickled papaya with the rice went so well with the meat. Everything had a nicely seasoned barbecue flavour to it.For dessert we had halo halo. I'm usually not a big fan of halo halo, but this one was pretty good. It came in this huge bowl with a sparkler sticking out of it.
YELP  Jonathon A
January 2017