Welcome to CASA manila

On behalf of Zaldy and I and the CASA manila staff, we thank all of you who participated as guests on the filming of Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here” at CASA manila restaurant.

According to the film crew, you were all a lively bunch of guests who were fun to work with. They were pleased with the festive atmosphere and great interviews you gave. I could see that JohnCatucci, the host felt at home with all of you laughing and joking all day. He is certainly a nice person and fun to work with. The crew were just as pleasant. I had forgotten I was in front of the camera when they were filming me cooking all day Thursday, the day before you all came.

The two day filming went so smoothly, we were able to open in the evenings to entertain guests who did not know we were closed. Our staff and the guests “stars” were well prepared and the result was finishing early with great satisfaction. The planning was in the works for almost five months!

It was indeed an honour to be the first Filipino restaurant chosen in the show’s 4+ year history.

Our hope is to help elevate Filipino cuisine into the main stream as well as introducing CASA manila’s style of cooking which is healthy, freshly cooked and delicious. It is about time that the world discover our tasty offerings in Filipino cuisine.

Please stay tuned for the airing of which we will keep you posted on our Facebook page and our other social media mediums. We were told the show will be shown in Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and across Asia including India and The Philippines. They are targeting in the beginning of2016.

We appreciate the great comments and congratulations we received during and after the filming for our loyal customers and those who found out about our great privilege of appearing in this well known T.V. episode. Thanks so much for your support!

Please visit us at the prestigious Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine Expo at the Metro Convention Centre on Thursday November 19th to 22nd, 2015. This show is sponsored by the Food Network. I will be doing a cooking demonstration Sunday Nov 22nd at 1:00 pm on the Chef’s Stage where I will be introducing some of CASA manila’s signature dishes.

Again thank you so much for your loyalty and support. We look forward to seeing you very soon.


Mila Nabor Cuachon

Creative Director and President

CASA manila Inc.

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Instagram: @casamanilaca

Twitter: @casamanilaca

Pinterest: @casamanilaca

Celebrating the "Mabuhay" Spirit in Classical Festive Filipino Flavours

Welcome to our restaurant and please feel at home.

As a young Filipina growing up in Canada from age six years old, rediscovering my Filipino roots had been a life-long pursuit from my youth to my adulthood. My long forgotten culture led me very frequent trips and long stays in my motherland. This great opportunity taught me the meaning of "Mabuhay Spirit".

Mabuhay means "long live" and "welcome". This spirit was evident in how my aunts would go to the market every day to provide the freshest food for our family just like my grandmother did for them. Our home coming visits were especially food centered where the specialties of relatives were showcased in a fiesta making us feel welcome and loved. The hospitality was heartwarming and unforgettable. I believe the Mabuhay Spirit is embodied in classical, family style, home cooking and entertaining. It honours the historical fusion of regional cooking of the Philippine Islands with the cultural influences from; Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, and the United States, all the while, remaining unmistakably Filipino.


Mila Nabor Cuachon
Co-Owner & Creative Director

Hand to mouth communal dining!
Back to Nature and Nurture

Discover why Kamayan dining at CASA manila is a popular culinary tourist destination. Using only your hands to feed, with leaves as your plate, while quenching your thirst drinking from coconut cups.  http://www.casamanila.ca/menu/kamayan/

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The CASA manila Promise


We care about what goes into your body, that’s why we start with the freshest quality ingredients and cook everything from scratch. We minimize the use of salt and oil in our cooking. However, we give you condiments to add if you wish. We do not add MSG, artificial preservatives and seasoning pre-pack mixes which may contain high sodium and MSG. We change our oil for frying frequently and remove excess oil. Vegetables are not overcooked to retain nutritional value. All this and more is done to meet the standards of healthy living and great taste.

To empower your freedom of choice, we offer a broad selection of cooking styles in meat, poultry, seafood; vegetarian, and gluten-free options; as well as the choice of the level of spiciness. Certain main courses are available as a complete meal for one or as a larger portion for sharing. Your order may take a little longer, but you can be assured it is cooked fresh and served with care especially for you.

Balancing the cost of quality ingredients, taste and nutrition, offering a variety of freshly cooked choices, in a cuisine in which many dishes are labour intensive is a challenge. However, it is our promise to offer you a fair price because we value your patronage. If you are not fully satisfied with your order for whatever reason, let your server know as soon as possible and we will replace it without hesitation.