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Celebrating Authentic Homestyle Filipino Cuisine

We are the first Filipino restaurant to be featured on

Food Network Canada "You Gotta Eat Here!"

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A Message from the President & Creative Director 

I am inspired to honour “Lola’s (grandmother’s)” cooking in a time and a place when she went to the market daily to carefully select her ingredients. Early in the morning, she prepared the dishes for the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, all from scratch and freshly cooked for the family. In other words, the meals were prepared with love and care.

My culinary philosophy is called “Nature to Nurture”. Simply put, the least we tamper with Mother Nature’s goodness, the more our food will nurture our bodies. We limit the use of MSG, salt, artificial flavoured powders, processed ingredients, and oil. We take other labour intensive steps to make our dishes cleaner and healthier, without compromising the rich, full body of authentic, home-style cooking. We have brought Filipino cuisine into the 21st century by offering vegetarian and gluten free options. We welcome and accommodate those with food allergy sensitivities.

CASA manila embodies the Mabuhay Spirit which means “Welcome and long live!".
We look forward to welcoming you to be our guests.


Mila Nabor Cuachon

President & Creative Director
CASA manila.Inc


Hand to Mouth Communal Dining!

Since 2012, CASA manila has been honouring the Kamayan tradition. Throughout the years, we have developed not only a delicious but an enjoyable way of Kamayan dining. We value sanitation by portioning each diner's food in front of them to ensure a hygienic approach.
It's truly a feast for your senses!



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Casa Manila is an amazing place when it comes to authentic and tasty Filipino cuisine. My favorite Filipino dish is the fried Milkfish and theirs is simply amazing! It is fried to perfection and absolutely delicious. I also love Filipino garlic rice and that was great too. Their vegetarian lumpia are seasoned well and have a great mix of vegetables inside them. Very crispy as well! The service was quick and friendly. The Halo Halo is to die for. Will be back for sure!
- Yelp September 2016

It was an amazing experience. My friend and I ordered the pork sisig, garlic rice, and tomato garlic beef stew. It was really filling and the food was fantastic. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Also, the food came really fast. It got to our table within 20 minutes which was great. The servers were really nice and friendly.

- Google August 2016

What an awesome gluten-free option! Such a great selection for both gluten-free and vegetarian!
- Yelp August 2016

“One of the best Filipino dine-in restaurant in Toronto”

I've been here many many times because we always enjoyed the food and service here, not to mention the restaurant is nicely decorated. I recommend kare kare, pork barbecue, garlic rice, lechon kawali, bulalo (beef soup), vegetable with coconut sauce, sisig and halo halo.
- Trip Advisor August 2016

“Best Filipino seen on You Gotta Eat Here (Food Network Canada)”
We have not always had the best experiences eating Philipino food. So we were pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and food quality at a restaurant that is a mainstay in the Toronto community. They are doing a great job and helping diners have a new appreciation for the Cuisine. Especially good Chicherones and Adobo (Pork Belly). Family style comes in massive servings with drum introduction. The a la carte is also large portions. Good luck and enjoy!
- Trip Advisor July 2016

Really good for boodle (aka Kamayan). I hosted a surprise bday party for a friend here and they tended to cater to my accommodations very well. Excellent service and very friendly! The food had to be ordered and decided ahead of time for kamayan. I have gone here twice for kamayan and it was very tasty! I loved the adobo chicken, Kare Kare, crispy pata and their halo-halo (with the little crunchy pieces embedded inside too!) This place has all you can eat rice with kamayan as well. Excellent quality food and you will definitely be full afterwards. All in all would definitely go back for kamayan for a party of over 4 people. Very helpful and accommodating!
- Yelp July 2016

We had a Kamayan dinner tonight and it was so wonderful. The service was amazing, they were detail oriented and the food was very tasty. A truly memorable experience!
- Google July 2016

Food is just as satisfying as momma's home cooked meals. Service is always amazing, great atmosphere, a must try for anyone craving or looking to try Filipino food
- Google July 2016

It truly was an unforgettable Filipino meal. My favs were Coconut Ginger Vegetables and the Beef Kare Kare (Peanut beef stew).Chicken Chicharon Appetizers was very refreshing and delicious as well! Service was good and the staff members were so nice. The place itself, its like Filipino heaven in Toronto. It's gorgeous!
- Google June 2016

This place has a nice and chill atmosphere. I have been here on separate occasions and usually with my Filpino friends so they tend to order and know what is good. This time we ordered Kare-Kare with a side of rice and their fried milkfish. The Kare-Kare (oxtail peanut sauce) was so creamy and very filling for two people, we even took home leftovers. The milkfish was also very delicious and fresh. My friend also recommended her nation's drink calamansi juice which is made from lime. I had their calamansi juice mixed with iced tea and it was very refreshing indeed. Definitely a place I will be back to with friends or to try out their KAMAYAN adventure where you eat with your hands over banana leaves.
- Yelp June 2016

 I had my daughter's first birthday party here and could not have been more happier. I'm tremendously impressed by the food, their servers and the restaurant's set-up. The food was all good especially their Kare-Kare.
- Google April 2016