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CASA manila’s popular Kamayan, hand to mouth communal dining was introduced for the first time to Toronto, in 2012. Replicating a tribal celebration theme with distinctive drumming heralds the Kamayan feast laid on fresh banana leaves while you enjoy drinking from real coconut cups. Ours is not a “boodle fight” which is a military term for mess hall eating. The CASA manila way is where we place each inidividual portion directly in front of the Kamayan diner to maintain the hygienic aspect of communal dining. Bonding with family and friends, having fun eating with your hands is an amazing dining experience. Now available for two diners or more!




We are the first Filipino restaurant to be featured on

Food Network Canada

Watch the full episode here (Canada Only)


A Message from the  C.E.O., Creative Director & Menu Engineer

Since 2010, my hope was to amplify “what is Filipino” and celebrate the unique diversity of regional and cultural influences found in our food, décor, lifestyle, hospitality and people. Authentic Filipino cuisine cooked the classical way is a blending of cooking methods and ingredients from Spain, China, America, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Asia found in our many recipes, while remaining unmistakably Filipino.

Preserving and promoting our culinary tradition is important to me and is expressed in CASA manila's signature recipes, family style dining, and especially in our communal Kamayan hand to mouth feasting. Our restaurant decor depicts the eclectic feel of the Philippine Islands from the tropical vibe to the colonial influences so you experience the "Pearl of the Orient"
right in the heart of GTA

My culinary philosophy is called “Nature to Nurture”. Simply put, the least we tamper with Mother Nature’s goodness, the more our food will nurture our bodies. We limit the use of MSG, salt, artificial 
flavoured powders, processed ingredients, and oil. We take other labour intensive steps to make our dishes cleaner and healthier, without compromising the rich, full body of authentic, home-style cooking. We have brought Filipino cuisine into the 21st century by offering vegetarian and gluten free options. We welcome and accommodate those with food allergy sensitivities.

CASA manila embodies the Mabuhay Spirit which means “Welcome and long live!".
We look forward to welcoming you to be our guests.


Mila Nabor Cuachon

C.E.O., Creative Director & Menu Engineer
CASA manila.Inc



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5 of 5 Stars
We held our parents wedding anniversary luncheon at Casa Manila, and Mila took care of our party’s every need. She anticipated our crowds’ needs, gave helpful suggestions to everyone’s tastes, while making our event an unforgettable one. And the food? Phenomenal! Plentiful, without sacrificing quality. Filipino food can sometimes be heavy and overly processed. Not here. Flavourful, with loads of fresh options, there was plenty of choice for all. We will definitely be back!
Pia Wilson

5 of 5 Stars
CASA Manila has the best Crispy Pata in Toronto: crispy skin, tasty meat and lean. Beyond the good food, my family and I enjoy the Intramuros ambiance and the creativity that the restaurant's owner Mila infuses the place with.
Emmanuel Lim

5 of 5 Stars
Warm welcoming attention from personnel, colorful decor, delicious authentic home-made food.
Tanya Zolota

5 of 5 Stars
Excellent service and very friendly. Great food and lots of choice. I willl go back.
Tom Kennedy