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5/5 Stars
Filipino Cuisine at its Very Best!
Freshness, authenticity, quality ingredients, varied menu... the tastebuds Delight!
Combine that with Ambiance and Charming Service...can’t ask for anything else for a nite out with the Family or your special companion!

-Cory Naborius

5/5 Stars
It's been a few months since my visit to Casa Manila but I remember it well because it was good!! We got the rice, adobo, fries, and bistek Tagalog. The portions were enough for the four of us, all of it was delicious, the staff was nice & welcoming, and the service went smoothly. I don't live in Toronto but if I did I'd come back often!
-Aurora M.

5/5 Stars
Last week my group returned once again to Casa Manila. It was a wonderful experience! We felt so welcomed. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was lovely and the service was great. Moreover, it was an educational and inspirational experience as the beautiful owner went out of her way to tell us all about Filipino food and all its subtleties. We all agree that we will be back again!
-Kathy M.

5/5 Stars
Very special atmosphere, friendly servers, nice food, so full~! New experience for eat with own hands.

-Sarah C.