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Penelope Irving: Sommelier


Family Tree VQA
Niagara Peninsula
Bright and aromatic with flavours ranging
from vibrant apple to “citrusy” grapefruit.
$8 (5 oz. Glass) | $12 (8 oz. Glass)
$38 (Bottle)

Arco dei Giovi Pinot Grigio delle
Veneto, Italy
Light gold in colour, with a
fresh-fruit bouquet and crisp
flavours with citrus notes.
$8 (5 oz. Glass) | $12 (8 oz. Glass)
$38 (Bottle)

White Cliff Sauvignon Blanc
Marlborough, New Zealand
Clear bright yellow; light floral with
gooseberry, grass and citrus aromas.
$9 (5 oz. Glass) | $13 (8 oz. Glass)
$42 (Bottle)

Henry of Pelham VQA
Dry with a vitality of fruity crispness
(green pear), citrus and rose petal aroma
with residual sweetness on the palate.
$9 (5 oz. Glass) | $13 (8 oz. Glass)
$38 (Bottle)


Pinot Noir, 
Roche de Bellene
Burgundy, France
A young classic that shines of fresh red 
fruit and layers of earthy undertones.
$11 (5 oz. Glass) | $15 (8 oz. Glass)
$58 (Bottle)

Luigi Bosca Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina
Aromas of cherries and 
blackberries layered with 
spicy and delicate floral notes.
$10 (5 oz. Glass) | $14 (8 oz. Glass)
$48 (Bottle)

Sand Point Cabernet Sauvignon
Lodi, California
Flavours of ripe berries and fresh cherry
balanced by soft spice notes.
$11 (5 oz. Glass) | $15 (8 oz. Glass)
$58 (Bottle)


Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rosé
Languedoc, France
Aromas of summer fruits, cassis and red
currant. Floral notes of rose and grapefruit.
$13 (5 oz. Glass) | $17 (8 oz. Glass)
$62 (Bottle)