Whole Lechon Pig Filipino Style up to 30-35 lbs.

Our recipe is based on traditional methods and roasted over wood charcoal (not oven baked). Includes house-made Lechon Sauce.
Price starts at $350.00+

Filipino Glazed Pineapple Ham | Hamon

Ham with bone in, prepared the Filipino way with pineapple juice,brown sugar and our blend of spices, then garnished with pineapple rings and cherries. Laid in a basket over banana leaves, wrapped cellophane in a gift bow.
Price starts at $88.00+

Lechon Porchetta

Prepared like the whole Lechon with the same marination and stuffing and baked. Includes house-made Lechon Sauce.
Price starts at $138.00+

Filipino Roast Chicken | Lechon Manok or Whole Inasal

Whole chicken made in two festive traditional recipes.
$33.00 per chicken

Pork Loaf Roll | Pork Embotido

Embotido is a Filipino style meatloaf, made with ground pork, boiled eggs, pickles, raisins,  sausage and vegetables. Popular especially on holidays.
$24.00 per roll

Pork Loaf Roll Platter | Embotido Platter

Filipino style meatloaf plated with cheese, cold cuts, raw vegetables, grapes, olives, aioli, atchara and crackers.
$58.00 per platter

Stuffed Milkfish | Rellenong Bangus

Deboned whole milkfish filled with meat and vegetable stuffing.
$38.00 each

Chicken Relleno

Deboned chicken filled with meat and vegetable stuffing.
$48.00 per chicken

Crispy Filipino Fried Chicken Wings | Pak Pak

A Filipino favourite is a simple yet satisfying dish- lightly coated crispy fried chicken wings served with our house-made BBQ,Spicy or Adobo sauce.
$12.00 per pound

Crispy Breaded Shrimp (60/84/120/240pcs)

House-made breaded shrimp,fried to a golden crispiness,includes garlic aioli.
S – $108.00 I M – $148.00 I L – $188.00 I $258.00

Spring Rolls | Lumpia Shanghai (72/88/128/300 Pcs.)

Chicken / Pork / Vegetable
Lumpia Shanghai is the most popular finger food at food gatherings. This Filipino version of Chinese origins is well loved for its crispy and savoury taste. Includes sweet and sour sauce
S – $54.00 I M – $66.00 I L – $89.00 I $195.00

Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls | Fresh Lumpia Sariwa (Min. 10 Pcs.)

Lumpia Sariwa, means “fresh spring roll”, a healthy Filipino vegetable recipe featuring sweet potatoes, jicamas and green beans wrapped in an egg crepe. Includes special dipping sauce.
$5.00 per piece

Filipino Vegetable Fritters | Okoy ( Min. 10 Pcs.)

One of our most exciting munchies. A beautiful medley of sweet potatoes, jicamas, beans, green and red bell peppers in a light crunchy batter.
$4.00 per piece

Seafood Noodles | Pancit Palabok

Thin rice noodles topped with seafood sauce made from boiled shrimp heads and annatto seasoning.
S – $68.00 I M – $98.00 I L – $128.00 I $238.00

Filipino Style Spaghetti

Unlike Italian spaghetti,Filipino spaghetti is on the sweet side and contains hot dogs along with ground beef.
S – $39.00 I M – $58.00 I L – $78.00 I $138.00

Filipino Roast Beef

Sliced sirloin beef with gravy and mushrooms done a little differently from this North American dish.
S – $88.00 I M – $145.00 I L – $178.00 I $230.00

Peanut Oxtail Beef Stew | Kare Kare

Our Kare Kare sauce is made with real peanuts, oxtail,beef,botchy, Asian long beans and Asian eggplant. Includes our house-made shrimp paste.
S – $82.00 I M – $128.00 I L – $162.00 I $230.00

Beef Tripe, Beans and Sausage Stew | Callos

Callos is a hearty stew made of beef tripe, Chorizo de bilbao ( beef sausage), garbanzo beans, green peas and bell peppers slow-cooked in a paprika-infused tomato sauce.
S – $68.00 I M – $92.00 I L – $136.00 I $195.00

Beef Tongue | Lengua Estofado

This stew is made with beef tongue,mushrooms and olives in gravy.
S – $82.00 I M – $128.00 I L – $162.00 I $230.00

Pork Menudo

This classic stew made with pork, liver,tomatoes,potatoes, carrots,bell peppers and garbanzo beans.
S – $55.00 I M – $72.00 I L – $109.00 I $195.00

Crunchy Sisig

Crunchy, savoury taste from our signature sisig sauce and red onions. A bestseller.
Pork: S – $68.00 I M – $92.00 I L – $136.00 I $195.00
Chicken Skin: S – $55.00 I M – $72.00 I L – $109.00 I $168.00
Bangus (Milkfish): S – $72.00 I M – $126.00 I L – $162.00 I $278.00
Tofu: S – $39.00 I M – $58.00 I L – $78.00 I $148.00

Rice Vermicelli Noodles | Pancit Bihon

Bihon means “very thin” and this dish is made with thin rice vermicelli noodles with chicken, shrimp and mixed vegetables cooked in real chicken broth.
S – $39.00 I M – $58.00 I L – $78.00 I $138.00

Egg Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables | Pancit Canton

This pancit dish is made with egg noodles,chicken and mixed vegetables cooked in real chicken broth.
S – $39.00 I M – $58.00 I L – $78.00 I $138.00

Mixed Noodles | Pinaghalong Pancit

Can’t decide between bihon and canton? No problem, we’ll solve that and blend both bihon and canton noodles together for you to enjoy both.
S – $39.00 I M – $58.00 I L – $78.00 I $138.00

Soybean Vermicelli Noodles | Pancit Sotanghon

This pancit dish is made with chicken and mixed vegetables cooked in real chicken broth.
S – $39.00 I M – $58.00 I L – $78.00 I $138.00

Coconut Rice Cake with Caramel Topping | Biko

A native glutinous rice dessert cooked with coconut milk topped with caramelized coconut nectar and brown sugar.
$38.00 per tray

Warm Coconut, Stew Yam & Tapioca | Ginataan Bilo Bilo – Per Tray

A warm dessert made from a variety of sweet potatoes, yam,saba banana,jackfruit,tapioca and mochiko balls in semi-sweet coconut milk.
S – $48.00 I M – $68.00 I L – $98.00 I $138.00

Crispy Banana Crepe | Turon (Min. 10 Pcs.)

Crispy crepe filled with saba banana and jackfruit, deep-fried to a golden brown goodness.You haven’t had Turon like this before.
$3.50 per piece

Kakanin Platter

An assortment of native desserts which are uniquely Filipino, done CASA manila’s way.
$88.00 per platter

Leche Flan | Creme Caramel – Per Tray

This rich and creamy egg flan topped with its own caramel is a great example of the most popular dessert at any gathering.
$48.00 per tray

Fresh Fruit Tray

Our fresh fruit platter is an attractive arrangement made with seasonal fruits. Personalized carvings are available for a nominal fee.
S – $39.00 I M – $50.00 I L – $79.00 I $96.00

Purple Yam Cake “8” | Ube Cake

Ube the most popular Filipino flavour,is purple yam which has a nutty and a not so sweet taste. Here, it is made into a layered cake with use butter cream.
$48.00 per cake

Sans Rival “8”

“San Rival” means” without rival” and is a butter cream and egg white meringue layered dessert, inspired by our Spanish roots. The taste is unrivaled!
$48.00 per cake

Happy Holidays!