Karaoke Happy Hour

Karaoke Happy Hour MENU

From Monday to Wednesday

4 pm–9 pm


San Miguel Beer $4.50

Corona $4.50

Heineken $4.50

Coors Light $4.50

Red Sunset Sangria

Red wine with fruit and calamansi infusion. $5.50

White Sunrise Sangria

Refreshing white wine with fruit and calamansi infusion. $5.50

Calamansi Mojito Cocktail

Our Filipino citrus made with fresh mint and lime with notes of lemon, lime and tangerine. $7

Red Horse Beer

Malt Liquor style beer (8% alc./vol.), deeply hued lager with a distinctive, sweetish taste, with a smooth bitterness. $8


Garlic Aioli Fries

French fries topped with our garlic aioli sauce. $4

Squid Cakes

Crispy and savoury squid made into squid cakes. $4

Chicken Crackling | Chicharon Manok

Crispy chicken skin dressed or undressed. $6

Lumpia Shanghai Spring Rolls

Pork, Chicken or Vegetable
Lumpia Shanghai is our specialty with dipping sauce. $8

Calamares | Pritong Calamares

House-breaded calamari rings served with our garlic aioli. $8

BBQ Pork or Chicken Skewers | Tinuhog

Marinated and grilled, find out why Pilipino BBQ is unique. $8

Sizzling Chicken Sisig Fries

Featured on Food Network Canada’s “You Gotta Eat Here”. $10

Crunchy Chicken Sisig

Our chicken sisig is made with chicharon and sisig sauce. $12

Crunchy Pork Mask Sisig

Our pork sisig is savoury, crunchy and a bestseller! $14

Crispy Pork Hock | Crispy Pata

Large pork hock, deep fried to perfection with crunchy skin. $16

Grilled Squid | Inihaw Pusit

Whole grilled squid served with seasoned vinegar and atchara. $18

Mixed Tapas Platter (10% OFF)

2 BBQ pork skewers, 2 Inasal chicken skewers, calamares and 8 chicken spring rolls. $33.30

Crispy Seafood Platter (10% OFF)

Crispy fish fillet, crispy baby squid and crispy shrimp. $43.20

Crispy Platter (10% OFF)

Pork spring rolls, crispy pork hocks and calamari rings. $36

Grilled Platter (10% OFF)

Grilled pork belly, grilled squid and 4 BBQ chicken skewers. $49.50