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CASA manila’s Nature to Nurture Philosophy. ~ The least we tamper with mother nature’s goodness in our food, the more we nurture our bodies.

CASA manila restaurant – The Authentic Filipino cuisine in Toronto

Since 2010, all of our recipes have had health and hygiene in mind, along with offering authentic and delicious Filipino cuisine. We use real ingredients, fresh whole foods, cooked with sea salt, premium spices, without adding MSG. No artificial colours, flavours or ingredients. All made from scratch and freshly cooked just for you.
We offer extensive vegan and vegetarian options.
Discover the difference in our recipes, cooking style and presentation of our signature dishes. Savour the wholesome goodness of freshly cooked food. Enjoy the cultural ambiance, whether it be Kamayan or Ala Carte. L.L.B.O. Free unlimited parking.
Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

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7 Days a Week!
MON – THUR 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM
FRI – SAT – SUN 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM 

We’re COVID ready!

We have made sure that the reopening of CASA manila reflects the health authority guidelines along with our commitment to continue providing our valued guests with a safe and enjoyable environment. Our new ways of operating will continue to prioritize the health and safety of all including the CASA manila team. We adhere to maintain social distancing, sanitizing every surface after each use, and more. We have also dedicated significant training to our team. Currently, we have limited patio seats available. We are doing our best to ensure all walk-ins are accommodated, however, reservations can be made online at casamanila.ca. 

Thank you. Mabuhay!

The CASA manila Team

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